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Please let us know how you would like to volunteer. Thank you for the many ways you stay involved with Seton Hill University students and alumni.

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1 * Please provide your name and graduation year.
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2 * Please include complete mailing address, preferred telephone & e-mail:
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3 Employer Information
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4 I am interested in (check all that apply):
Option 1. - Alumni Weekend Volunteer
Option 2. - Special Events Volunteer
Option 3. - Student Engagement Events
Option 4. - Job Shadowing
Option 5. - Informational Student Interviewing
Option 6. - Student Mentoring
Option 7. - Internship Development
Option 8. - Guest Speaker
Option 9. - Fundraising Volunteer
5 We would like to re-ignite Seton Hill Chapters. Please indicate if you would like to start a Connector Program (regional chapter) in your area.
6 I would like to participate in Connector Program activities in my area.
7 Once I understand the details, I would consider leading a Connector Program in my area.

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